The acknowledgement that yes, I stopped working on the 100 Days Project after Day 30 is hard to ‘fess up to. I’d love white-pento share the reasons why it stopped, but anything I say about it would be excuses.

The truth of the matter is: I began to judge my results. Writing a fictional sentence on a sheet of paper and photographing it became a boring series of photos with no “artistic” value. I looked at all the other 100 Day projects and saw how, frankly, boring mine was.

Comparison is a tricky thing for all of us.

I know…life coaches are expected to show how perfectly we do things while we express and share how all out fabulous¬† our life is so that people will want to work with us.

The thing is, I am human. Yes, I am an amazing coach, but that doesn’t mean I am perfect. My view on being a coach, though, it that just like I share all the ways that my life is nourishing and loving, I need to also occasionally express a bit of the vulnerable underbelly of living, too.

To share only the sunny side of living would be outside of my personal integrity and authenticity.

Though the daily writing of fictional sentences stopped feeling motivational to me, it doesn’t mean that my desire for creating fiction tales has left me. I have stories within me waiting to make their way into the light, but for now, they are hiding in the recesses of my brain awaiting their turn to become a priority.

Ah, priorities. A bit of a topic change, and yet, not.

I am at the year five mark of my full time coaching practice and all signs are pointing to the need for me to restructure things a bit. I am not yet sure what that will look like, but it’s time to take a step back, take stock, and make some decisions about where I want to put my time and energy.

Like the stories in my head, different ways of approaching my business world are twirling around in my brain. Unlike the stories, though, these ideas are begging to be put into action in the near future. Because of everything that eats away at this precious time, the priority is still on a well lived, loving and nourishing daily life.