I was having lunch with  a girlfriend yesterday and the conversation, of course shifted to businesses. I am at that Flickr Creative Commons alysinwonderland baublesNext Step as I mentioned earlier and I’m not quite sure what direction to go.

In the past, that would have meant that I didn’t quite believe there was a NEXT step, just that I needed something to be different. I knew that I had the answers somewhere within my heart and soul, but there was zero clarity to unlock it.

These days, though, that isn’t my mindset.

I see a plethora of possibilities in my path forward.The sabbatical I took in April was a huge eye-opener for me that I am needing something MORE along with something LESS.   Sometimes, too many choices is more challenging than only a couple of choices.

This is where it gets tricky, because for creatives it’s so easy to choose the shiniest bauble.Often, we choose the shiniest bauble in a basket because it looks the prettiest. Then we discover that the shiny bauble isn’t real silver or gold; it gets its shine from cheap glue and glitter.

What I need in the next step is something that is beautiful, lovely and nourishing. Because the number one priority (ah, back to that word again, PRIORITY) is the quality of my daily life.  Shiny Bauble choices are for New Year’s Eve and One Time Events, because they don’t need to last and aren’t meant to be for the long run.

The shiniest bauble doesn’t produce the best quality of living day after day because it’s not something that’s sustainable, and frankly, it isn’t something I desire to sustain.

It’s taken a lot of years to come face to face with the fact that though I am passionate and excitable, I love peace.

I used to believe that life could only be fulfilling if there was drama and excitement, until I got a taste of a life that had a different kind of excitement. And that excitement is finding the peace and perfection in ordinary, every day moments.

Life is truly a grand adventure, I just hadn’t understood that adventure was to be discovered in sharing coffee with JB while the birds serenaded us. And that we could ALSO have the OTHER kind of adventure of experiencing beaches and sail boats and ancient ruins and historic homes. I thought it had to be and either / or situation.

I have created the kind of personal life that rewards me with those moments in my daily life, but to allow it’s growth and sustain it, my business world is going to have to shift.

I wish I could say that this little ramble has allowed me to discover exactly what IT is, but the possibilities lay before me still.Well, except that super glittery possibility. It’s definitely lost it’s shine.

Glittery Bauble Image by Alys Perry via Flckr Creative Commons