This sabbatical has been interesting. And certainly has led to me learning a lot of big and little lessons. It’s been writingontheporch_041715harder than I thought it was going to be – harder to focus on my dream list of things I wanted to do, hard to admit to myself that I wasn’t prepared, hard to find out what my favorite restaurants are having as their special because they only update that info on their Facebook page…

But the thing is, all of these hard lessons have been good lessons to learn.

I’ve also picked up more than a little clarity around what I long for and what I need and what ingredients I am missing when it comes to actively cultivating and creating the kind of daily life I desire to lead.

More later on that – but for now, here’s the last week of snippets from my 100 Days of Fiction Project:

Day 13

Day 14


Day 15

Day 16


Day 17

Day 18


Day 19

Day 19: “Paula knew it was time to be a bigger person. ” #The100DayProject #100DaysofFictionByDebra

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Day 20


Day 21