I’ve always loved flowers.  From roses to dandelions, I can’t help but smile when I come across them.  When I first began to lead a white picket life at the tender age of 19, I had visions of a beautiful rose garden.  Though it was planted, it didn’t thrive.  I did great, though with periwinkles, petunias, and zinnias.  They’re heartier and can handle the baking Texas heat.  To be honest, I’m best with flowers that take my attitude towards life:  they simply grow where they are planted without a lot of coddling needed.

The idea of bulbs appealed to me:  you plant ’em in the fall, and early in the spring, you are gifted with beautiful blooms.  I never could get it to work, though.  Bulbs require some consistent cold time for proper germination.  Though I tried, I wasn’t successful even when I tried refrigerating the bulbs for several months.  I gave up.

When it came to landscape planning here in Ohio, there was little for us to do. The previous owners had fully landscaped.  I worked with a landscaper last fall to thin things down a bit, as we wanted a cleaner, more tailored look.  During this time I realized that I was finally in a climate that might nurture bulbs.  I settled on King Alfred Daffodils from Jackson and Perkins, attracted to their big yellow blooms.  Nine bulbs were planted upstairs, where I can see them from the office window and nine more were planted downstairs around the pond.

I was incredibly grateful for the blooming of the crocuses the previous owners has planted, a surprise of sorts for the first spring here.   I was even more grateful today, though to see the first daffodil bloom.   That tentative yellow trumpet is a sign to remind me how blessed I am.  That this house is truly a home, a place to shelter JB and I as we continue to build our life and grow in our love.

It also reminds me that once again, the circle of life continues.  That the brutality and starkness of winter is rewarded by the fierceness and tenderness of spring.  And if we are grateful for our blessings, we’ll see signs showing us we’re on the right path for our life.   And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.