I call the side of myself that loves to travel my Gypsy Soul.  There is a magic, at times, to the exhilaration of travel and the exploration of new places.  There is also a special joy that can be found in embracing a far away city as a second home.   Since 2006, Washington DC has that place that has held my heart and has always nourished my soul.

Last week, however, I discovered that though I love DC, my soul was longing to return to Dayton, Ohio.  I’m fortunate that I can find the humor in that realization.  It’s funny how the Universe shows us that if we listen to our hearts, it will lead us into wonderment. Stepping off the plane in Dayton last Thursday, my heart beat told me the answer.

Sometimes, a Gypsy Soul finds peace and contentment when she least expects it.  I never dreamed that place would be Ohio.