Author Nicole Gulotta pulled together a 30 Days of Haiku Challenge in honor of April being National Poetry Month. So, rather than skipping the challenge of playing with words, I decided to share my poems here even if I don’t post them over on Instagram.

Here are my entries for days five, six, and seven. Along with photos I probably would have chosen if I they were to find their way to Instagram.


Day 5: Spring Light

spring light

Dappled Light Across
The Walking Paths Highlight the
Shadows and Blossoms

Day 6: Meditation on Flowers

pretty tulips

Delightful Tulips
Must plant more this fall, and hope
no hungry Squirrels

Day 7: While Folding Laundry

folding laundry

How Can it Be That
There is So Much Laundry For
Only Two People


On a side note: I am still doing about six loads of laundry a week. In part because I insist on dividing clothes out by type. And in part because I do towels twice a week. And religiously change the sheets once a week. I used to do the bulk of the laundry on Thursdays. Now, it’s become a few loads on Monday, a single load of towels on Tuesdays, and follow up laundry – including sheets – on Fridays.


Hope you are healthy and managing the craziness of isolation well. Lots of love and more tomorrow.