One of the beliefs that seems to be floating “out there” is that coaches have all the answers.  And that on the path between here and there, that we must be there.

In my personal opinion, that’s a bunch of baloney.

As a coach, I have my brilliant days. My instincts lead me along the path of suggestions and nuances and tweaks that others can make in order to love themselves and their lives. One of my biggest talents is assisting someone in pulling apart the pieces and reassembling them into a life that feels right.

The truth behind my talent is that I lived it.  My world shattered and I found out that if I wanted to be happy, I was the only one who could figure out where each piece of the puzzle needed to go.

One of the best lessons I’ve learned is that there is no official there.

Yes, you create goals and you reach them. That is a sort of “there”.  But to believe that there means that everything is perfect every moment of the day?  Nope.  That there doesn’t exist.

In my consulting days, much of my professional expertise centered around Quality Systems.  While quality control is a part of that, the theories behind quality systems and planning are slightly different.  Learning the difference between “continuous” and “continual” was huge for me, and it’s a concept that can be applied to life and this whole “there” idea.

Continuous would be like a straight line while continual improvement allows more flex.  Overall, Continual shows an upward trajectory, but it’s not even.  There are sharp spikes and gentle spikes and sometimes a dip, but never does it dip to where it began.

Life is not about being “there”.  Life is not about always having to be bigger and better each day.

One of the keys to a happy life is learning and embracing the concept of Continual Improvement.

We create goals and we strive to reach them.  Once a goal is reached, we revel in that success and celebrate it.   When you are growing, things aren’t exactly comfortable.  But in order to catch your breath and prepare for the next leap, you may need to coast for a bit and revel in what is comfortable for a time. Sometimes we need to lean into the comfort of space and time and love and being.  Only after a time are we ready to begin to make new goals.

It’s the quality process of Continual Improvement: 

Plan♥ Do♥ Check♥ Act.

There is no there.  It’s simply a wonderfully imperfect journey. Doesn’t that sound like more satisfying way to approach life?